The Big Brush Company

The Big Brush Company

The Big Brush Company is a 100% professional, market-leading specialist hairbrush company dedicated to bringing the finest products in to salons throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. Armed with extensive knowledge and experience, The Big Brush Company have combined top-end professional hairbrushes with stunning couture packaging.


The Big Brush Company was formed through their desire to create the very best advanced technology hairbrushes and is based on over 20 years' experience in the hair and beauty industry. They welcome the very best names in British hairdressing as their clients, which is testament to the quality of our hairbrushes.



Thermal round brush

The ceramic thermal round brushes have been designed with the very latest technology, nano-silver, to deliver extraordinary results every time. The Big Brush Company are market-leaders in introducing UK salons to the very latest high performance technology which not only helps to eliminate bacteria, adds incredible shine & softness to your hair. A revolutionary multi-twist system holds our bristles in place securely, with the bristles themselves specially formulated to be high-heat resistant and withstand daily, professional use.



Pneumatic-cushioned paddle brush

The ionic, pneumatic-cushioned paddle brush is the ultimate smoothing tool moving effortlessly and gently through all hair types without snagging or tearing, it effectively reduces static build-up and frizz. Not only a fantastic daily smoothing brush, the paddle brush is an iconic blowdry tool: the large surface area, combined with ionic ball tipped pins, reduces drying time while the pneumatic-cushion pad flexes to the contours of the head.



Sectioning clips

The sectioning clips are the perfect accessory to use with all our brushes, and created with the same level of perfection. Made from carbon, they benefit from the natural anti-static qualities of this material and also offer high-heat resistancy and incredible durability. Suitable for all hair types and hair lengths, these clips, designed with fine-tipped ends for accurate sectioning, hold the hair perfectly in place.